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K V Sudhir
Industrial Performance

Shantha is an equal opportunity employer with a strong commitment for work-life, social and gender balance at the workplace. The company provides employees a fantastic platform to learn, contribute and grow in multiple fields. As a part of the worldwide Sanofi network, employees have an excellent opportunity to collaborate transversally, share knowledge and even relocate.


Naveena D’cor
Clinical Research Department

At Shantha, we are on a constant drive to improve quality, safety and efficiency of processes and products. Due emphasis is given to product affordability without any impact on quality. Ultimately, Shantha helps fulfill the healthcare needs of developing countries by providing quality and affordable medicines. Shantha also maintains a good working atmosphere with focus on mutual respect.


V P Tiwari
Site Services

It is a proud feeling to see that the products we manufacture makes a difference in the life of people. Every day we live by our mission of making affordable healthcare products that conform to international quality. It is a sense of pride to be able to contribute to Sanofi Pasteur’s vision of a world where no one suffers or dies from a vaccine preventable disease.


Lavanya Sethu
Quality Assurance

Shantha as an organization enables access to high quality affordable vaccines to the countries that need it the most. Shantha was the first company I joined and it has provided with an opportunity of working in different teams without any gender bias. The support, guidance and continued encouragement offered through all the times have enhanced my technical and personal skills to grow professionally.


Prabhu Thk
Corporate Site Services

As an organization, we not only provide access to vaccines for the under-developed countries but are also proactively involved in CSR and community services around the sites we operate in. This builds a sense of pride and achievement and drives among employees and helps us to look forward to giving more,