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Singh JV, Kamath V, Shetty R, Kumar V, Prasad R, Saluja T, Dhingra MS. Retrospective surveillance for intussusception in children aged less than five years at two tertiary care centers in India.Vaccine 32S (2014) A95–A98

Dhingra MS, Kundu R, Gupta M, Kanungo S, Ganguly N, Singn MP, Bhattacharya MK, Ghosh r, Kumar R, Sur D, Chadha SM, Saluja T. Evaluation of safety and immunogenicity of a live attenuated tetravalent (G1-G4) Bovine- Human Reassortant Rotavirus vaccine (BRV-TV) in healthy Indian adults and infants.Vaccine 32S (2014) A117–A123

Saluja T, Sharma SD, Gupta M, Kundu R, Kar S, Dutta A, Silveira M, Singh JV, Kamanth VG, Chaudhry A, Rao JV, Ravi MD, Murthy SRH, Babji S, Prasda R, Gujjula R, Rao r, Dhingra MS. A multicentre prospective hospital-based surveillance to estimate the burden of rotavirus gastroenteritis in children less than five years of age in India.Vaccine 32S (2014) A13–A19