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Shanvac B

Shanvac-B (r-DNA Hepatitis B Vaccine) is India’s first recombinant vaccine and is produced in the yeast Pichia pastoris. Hepatitis B vaccine is used for the prevention of the deadly liver infection Hepatitis B which can lead to liver failure or cancer.

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Shan TT002

ShanTT is a vaccine against tetanus caused due to infection by a bacteria – Clostridium tetani. ShanTT is used for vaccination of children as well as adults.

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Shanchol is a bivalent inactivated-whole-cell oral cholera vaccine developed by Shantha in collaboration with the International Vaccine Institute (IVI), Seoul, Korea. Shanchol can be used in children aged one to five years, who are at highest risk of developing cholera in an outbreak.

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Shan5™ is a fully-liquid five-in-one, convenient, safe and high-quality vaccine that provides effective protection for children from 6 weeks of age against five diseases: Diptheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Hib and Hepatitis B (DTDTP – HepB – Hib).

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Note: The information is solely intended to provide details concerning the activity profile of Group products, and should not be considered as encouraging their prescription or use. The decision to prescribe these products is the responsibility of physicians, who will take into account the benefit-risk ratio with regard to the treatment of specific clinical cases and the registered indications in each country.