» R&D Scientific Platform

Since its inception 1993, our scientists in Shantha have strived hard to create high quality affordable vaccines with access to all. We are the first Indian company to develop, manufacture and market a recombinant human healthcare product in India.

With more than 64 employees based out of our Research & Development center in India, their primary focus is to solve tough challenges and innovate meaningfully to create high quality vaccines for people all around the world.

The work of our scientist is complimented by a world-class research facility equipped with the latest tools of research in modern biotechnology. The facility has 50,000 sq.ft of laboratory area, divided into four independent laboratories.

  • Main Lab for molecular biology, immunology, microbial fermentation, purification and characterization
  • Class 10,000 area facilities for animal cell culture, hybridoma technology, virus handling and upstream and downstream process development
  • Bacterial vaccine lab
  • Viral vaccine lab with a separate cell culture and virus handling area

R&D activities cover the development of vaccines against Rota Virus, and Typhoid.